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Tinyseed enables you to back up the seed phrase or Shamir’s secret shares of your wallet on solid titanium. It allows you to protect Bitcoin, Ethereum and NFT from loss – even from catastrophic events like fire, water damage and hardware (wallet) failure.



Extreme Safety
Verified independently – Top score in Jameson Lopp test. Tinyseed is made of pure titanium, highly corrosion and stress resitant, with a melting point above 1660°C.

Minimum Size
Tinyseed is exceptionally small without compromising on storage capacity or security – in fact, its tininess makes it even more robust and private.

Guided Punching
Each field has a small indentation in its center to perfectly align the center punch before punching – an invention by Tinyseed.

Full Capacity
Despite its small size, a single device can backup e.g. 1x Ledger Nano or 2x Trezor – plus one additional word to number or label your backups.

Discreet Layout
No letters, only numbers and no reference to bitcoin or crypto – including innovative and tamper-evident case in souvenir look.

High Quality Center Punch
Enjoy accurate and repeatable results, and a long life. Tinyseed automatic center punch is a professional tool, equipped with large hand guard for comfortable and safe handling. Included in the Starter Pack.



Designed and assembled in Belgium. All product parts manufactured in Germany. The Titan plaques are German craftsmanship.



How to setup
Each row of Tinyseed corresponds to one word. Look up each word of your passphrase in the printed word list and make a punch for each filled circle.

How to read
Add up the numbers for each row. The sum of each row gives the position of the word in the word list.



Starter Pack, Refill Pack


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