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The SteelVault is a robust enclosure which protects your SteelQR backup plates from extreme mechanical force. It consists of three 3mm thick plates held together by four M5 screws. Both the plates as well as the screws are made of 316L stainless steel.


Your SteelQR can be held in a cut-out in the middle plate of the SteelVault. This compact design combined with a highly durable material results in effectively reducing the impact of extreme mechanical force applied from all angles even at high temperatures.

Testing this enclosure included two samples:

  • Sample 1:
    1 hour at 1040°C (1904°F)
    Quenching in oil
    Mechanical force of up to 17 tons under a press


  • Sample 2:
    4 hours at 1040°C
    Quenching in water
    Mechanical force of up to 17 tons under a press
    Mechanical force by hand striking with a hammer

After sanding down the SteelQR from sample 1 it could be scanned back immediately. Sample 2 could not be scanned due to the distortions of the surface, but all stamped dots could easily be recognized. It was however possible to recover via transcribing. In both cases, no data loss!

The SteelVault is not compatible with the larger SeedSigner branded SteelQR.

SteelQR is not included.

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