Son Of Liberty – Poster A2


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– Sizes: 42 x 60 cm (DIN A2) or 60 x 84 cm (DIN A1)
– Gallery quality art print
– 250g/m² paper with satin surface
– 13-color digital printing (borderless)

Please note: The actual dimensions of the posters can deviate from the specified dimensions by a few millimeters due to production.

The story

After the successful completion of his previous mission FIAT EATER, ₿ig ₿oss aka Satoshi Nakamoto thought humanity was saved.

But he underestimated the charm of his nemesis J.M.K.
With false promises of leverage and speculative attacks, the fake money had landed softly and circulated even faster.
J.M.K.’s forked tongue poisoned the spirit of the youth who were full of desire to learn and do.

Conflicted about the change in society, ₿ig ₿oss returned to his roots. Back to the lessons of his teachers.
“There will always be someone who promises an easy way.
But there is no easy way; no meal is free. Everything has a price.”
ROTHBARD’svoice sounded from the ether.

Will Satoshi follow the path of his mentors and fight for freedom?
Or will he succumb to the promises of animal instincts?

Are you the SON OF LIBERTY?

Concept, story & realization: Lando Rothbardian
Images: C. Green

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Son Of Liberty – Poster A2

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