Passport Hardware Wallet – Batch 2


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  • Passport Hardware Wallet – Batch 2 is limited to 2400 units.
  • The next generation hardware wallet. Airgapped security, fully open source, assembled in the USA.
  • Supported Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin via PSBTs; best-in-class multisig experience.
  • Supported Software Wallets: Bitcoin Core, BlueWallet, BTCPay, Casa, Electrum, Nunchuk, Simple Bitcoin Wallet, Sparrow, Specter, Wasabi, and other wallets supporting PSBTs via microSD or QR codes.
  • Key Components: STM processor, Microchip 608a secure element, Omnivision Cameracube.
  • Communication Camera and microSD port. No USB data, no Bluetooth, no wireless communications of any kind.
  • Power 1200 mAh Lithium ion battery in Nokia BL-5C form factor (included with purchase).
  • Security Features: Airgapped, easy passphrase entry, security lights, anti-phishing words, supply chain verification.

Airgapped with camera

Passport has no direct connection with the outside world – no USB data and no wireless communications.
Instead, Passport uses a camera and QR codes for communication. This provides hardcore, airgapped security without sacrificing usability.

Lithium Ion Battery

Passport includes a 1200 mAh Lithium Ion battery in a standard form factor. The battery is easily removed and replaced.
To power the battery, Passport contains a power-only USB-C port. The port is unable to transmit data, preserving Passport’s airgapped security model.

Stunning glass display

Passport Batch 2 includes a high resolution, color IPS display bonded to ultra-strong cover glass. The vibrant display makes QR scanning a breeze.
The ultra-hard cover glass protects against scratches and damage, while preserving the crystal clear display.


Envoy is a cross-platform mobile app for iOS and Android. Designed to be a mobile companion to your Passport, Envoy walks you through onboarding, supply chain verification, and firmware updates. Support resources and important notifications are available in-app.

Envoy also offers a simple Bitcoin software wallet that provides a zen-like experience. Envoy’s wallet is perfect for new Bitcoiners.




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