Money Wars – Card Game


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  • What do we really know about money?
  • The entertaining and educational card game about money
  • Language: English

Money is crucial in our daily lives. It covers our basic needs, provides security, and enables access to essential services. It enhances our quality of life, supports economic participation, and empowers us to make choices that align with our goals. Simply put, money is essential for a better life. But what  do we really know about money? How did it all start? What are the important characteristics of good money? You can learn all this and more by playing Money Wars.

From the historical gold coin Florin to the oldest form of money like cattle or salt bar, to new forms like the magical internet money better known as bitcoin, and to emerging state currencies like the US dollar or the Euro. In this game, you have 26 different forms of money that battle against each other just to reveal their strengths and weaknesses.


Game summary:

  • An entertaining and educational card game that explores various forms of money used by humanity over the past 10,000 years.
  • Learn about precious metals, natural commodities, state currency, and cryptocurrency, all competing to be the best form of money.
  • Battle against other players and discover essential categories of money, such as scarcity, divisibility, durability, and portability.
  • The easy-to-carry, hard paper packaging makes it an ideal travel or vacation game.
  • Money Wars offers fun for kids and adults anytime, anywhere.
  • Prepare to outsmart your opponents, uncover fascinating facts about money, and duel your way to becoming the king of Money Wars.
  • Great game to start a kitchen debate why hard money matters. 😉



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Money Wars – Card Game

2 in stock