Icynote Cold Paper Wallet – Banknote


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Icynote Paper Wallet Banknote
Icynote Cold Paper Wallet – Banknote


  • Very nice “banknote” for storing bitcoin – with 29 security features.
  • Easy to share with others – especially as a gift
  • The randomly generated private key is protected by a hologram.
  • Contents: 1x Icynote
  • Size: 158 × 70 mm

Icynote is a new paper wallet from Swiss company SMD Security Printing.

Icynote is a highly secure paper wallet for safekeeping and easy cryptocurrency transactions. The private key is sealed by a hologram sticker, once opened it cannot be pasted back without it being visible.

The Paper Wallet has 29 security elements that make it unique and authentic, such as holographic printing, OVB, microtext and perforations, electronic signature, ultraviolet ink…like a traditional Swiss banknote.

The private keys are generated completely randomly, and under strict security measures in a highly secured location. The bill is made of high-density polyethylene fibers and is a very durable paper: tear-resistant and water-resistant.

Some use cases for Icynote :

  • Make quick and easy transactions – similar to cash
  • Make a gift
  • Uncomplicated storage of smaller amounts


Note from Copiaro: When using such a product, a certain trust in the manufacturer is necessary, you must be aware of this. Icynote is wonderful as a gift or for transactions with smaller amounts. We had the procedure for generating the private keys explained to us and found it to be sufficiently secure for this purpose. However, for the safe storage of larger sums, we still recommend a hardware wallet.



SMD Security Printing


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