FIAT EATER – poster A2


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  • Size: 42 x 60cm
  • Gallery quality fine art print
  • 250g/m² paper with satin finish
  • 13-color digital printing (borderless)

The actual dimensions of the posters can deviate from the specified dimensions by a few millimeters due to production.

The story behind the art

The fight against the greatest enemy of mankind has left its mark on his body. But it was worth it.
He gave birth to the code that would change the world forever.
When he thought his dream was in the right hands, he disappeared into the shadows.
Mankind should use his creation according to their own wishes, he said.

But when he saw how credit card apologists, ICO scammers and stable coins from corporations were adorning themselves with the feathers of his creation, Satoshi had enough.
After 10 years in the shadows returns
₿ig ₿oss
returns to complete his mission – code name: FIAT EATER.
The goal: the abolition of central banks and their currencies.

Fiat currencies are his arch enemies and he will remind each of his weak-willed pseudo-followers what the sole purpose of its creation is.

Who is this poster for?

There are cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are only in it for the technology or the “gainz.” For these people, this poster is not.

This is for the cypherpunks, anarcho-capitalists, Austrian economists and every human being who really wants to own his own money.
It is for the people who toil every day so that the next generation can be free from monetary tyranny.

This is for you. You are Satoshi Nakamoto.

You are ₿ig ₿oss.


Art from MX12.Levins
Concept by MX12.Levins and Lando Rothbardian
History of Lando Rothbardian


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FIAT EATER – poster A2