Copiaro SeedSaver – Simple Seed Backup

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The Copiaro SeedSaver is the simple solution for the secure storage of your wallet backup (seed phrase). With cards for 12-word or 24-word seeds, QR templates, laminating film and exclusive cover cards, the SeedSaver offers comprehensive protection. Perfect for anyone who wants to store their digital assets securely.


Securely and easily back up the seed phrase of your hardware or hot wallets with the Copiaro SeedSaver! This solution allows you to store your 12-word or 24-word seeds effortlessly and protect them from damage and wear.


The Copiaro SeedSaver offers you:

  • Cost-effective: As a supplement or alternative to the steel backup. Not every wallet has to be immortalized in steel. Depending on the value of the wallet, it is sometimes sufficient to store several copies in safe places protected from wear and tear (e.g. for the Bitcoin Lightning Wallet on your cell phone).
  • Double-sided cards: You can enter your seed phrase on the front, while the back has a QR template for easy creation..
  • Laminating film: Protects your Seed Backup from water, dirt and wear and tear.
  • Exclusive cover cards: Three cards that look like membership cards can optionally be used to discreetly cover the backup before lamination, hiding it from prying eyes or thieves.
  • Personalizable membership card: One of the cover cards can be personalized with your own picture and name to make the illusion look even more real.
  • Flexible: Suitable for use with SeedSigner and Blockstream Jade

Secure your wallets and keep your backups safe with the Copiaro SeedSaver. Rely on simple and effective security for your digital assets.


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Copiaro Seed Saver - Simple Seed Backups
Copiaro SeedSaver – Simple Seed Backup
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