Coinkite – Satscard – various designs

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Like cash in hand, pass physical Bitcoin along multiple times.
Gift. Anonymous. Trust no one. Non-custodial.



It’s a wireless NFC smart-card that can hold Bitcoin. You can hand it to someone else, and then they control the balance. Simple as that.


You will need a companion app (Nunchuck Bitcoin Wallet) to use your SATSCARD™.


  • Printed QR on back side so anyone can deposit to the card. No setup required.
  • Re-usable up to ten times. Moving the funds off of the card consumes one of ten “slots”.
  • Verifiable entropy, meaning you know 100% that no one but the SATSCARD itself has the private key that controls the Bitcoin.
  • Spending code (6 digit number or CVC) printed on back of card controls spending and any other change to the card: no risk of pocket pirates!
  • It’s an OPENDIME but smaller and cheaper, and it’s a card.


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Coinkite – Satscard – various designs
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