Bitcoin Nerdminer in S9 design – silver


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Bitcoin Nerdminer S19 Design
Bitcoin Nerdminer in S9 design – silver


  • The Bitcoin Mini-Miner for your home – your start into Bitcoin Mining with up to 56 KH/s
  • In stylish double fan design of a S9 Miner with engraving “Every Hash Counts”.
  • Plug’n’Play – ready to use in 3 minutes: Connect power via USB-C, enter WLAN password and Bitcoin address for payouts – off you go!
  • Power consumption approx. 1.55 watts only.
  • 3 different display modes featuring these key figures:
    Own and global hashrate, local time, block time resp. block height, mining difficulty, current transaction fees, blocks until next halving



  • 1x completely pre-assembled Nerdminer in S9 design, consisting of:
    • LILYGO T-Display S3 ESP32 board – with pre-installed firmware
    • 3D printed silver case with “Every Hash Counts” engraving
    • Low-noise mini fan (right)
    • 3D printed fan dummy (left)


What is a Bitcoin Nerdminer?

The Nerdminer is an exciting open source project that allows you to mine a Bitcoin block with a small piece of hardware and very low power consumption. This project is a hands-on way to actively participate in Bitcoin mining, and learn a lot about the mining process. The probability of finding a block is extremely low. The Nerdminer is intended to be educational and illustrate and help understand the mining process. Due to the low chance of finding a block, running a Nerdminer is also called a “Bitcoin lottery”.

Weight 52 g
Dimensions 8,6 × 4 × 4,7 cm


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