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All €¥€$ on ₿ – Poster A2


  • Size: 42 x 60cm
  • Gallery quality fine art print
  • 250g/m² paper with satin finish
  • 13-color digital printing (borderless)

Note: The actual dimensions of the posters can deviate from the specified dimensions by a few millimeters due to production.

The story behind the picture

“SILENCE! SILENCE!” shouts the chairman. People from all parts of the globe are in this room. All speak at the same time.
Although they wear black suits and look statesmanlike, they behave like a kindergarten group that has just been told that dessert is cancelled.
“I said SILENCE!” he slams an absurdly large hammer down on his desk.

“Brothers and sisters, this is not the time for mindless bickering. We need solutions.”
A slender lady with a crown stands up.
“The Kingdom has exhausted its options to the best of its ability to keep this… pestilence…at bay. But it continues to spread.
We have even expanded the monitoring measures and significantly increased the number of cameras. But this does not seem to accomplish anything.”
A man with a sword at his hip rises and barks at her, “Nani? More surveillance cameras? As if that ever helped! They couldn’t even stop the spread of one book and that was in the forties, no kimi!”
The lady holds out her middle finger to him and they both just scream at each other.
“SILENCE LORDGODNOCHMAL!” the chairman wildly swings his gavel.
The room now becomes quiet.
“So…” he begins as he dabs the sweat on his forehead affectively, “no one has a suggestion?” the chairman looks around questioningly.

The faces of his allies turn away every time he tries to make eye contact.
A blonde woman with too much shoulder pads and a dead cold look does not look away.

Madame? Do you have a solution to our dilemma?”
Cher président, I would suggest that we focus negative media attention on this saleté.
We must put fear in people’s minds when they hear his name.
Drug dealers, terrorists, pedophiles and virus spreaders.
These must be the associations that pop into the heads of its supporters.
Furthermore, we should undermine their efforts to build an ecosystem. I recommend bribing the nerds. With euphonious titles, lots of cash, and decision-making power over unimportant political processes that won’t change anything.”

Laughter rings out in the back of the room. A man in a completely buttoned shirt and round face laughs louder and louder.
“What’s so drôle, monsieur Zǒnglǐ?” grins the padded lady in his direction. The man immediately stops laughing and tries to kill her with his looks.

“We have already tried. The Zhǔyì is already out there. People are already making a living from it. We have to crack down. All those who publicly admit to it must be arrested and locked up,” he answers threateningly.

“You are a Buffon. When in doubt, arrest everyone?! C’est ne pas un solution and they are not the man of steel.”
Both now communicate in foul-mouthed hand gestures. The sign language translator in the background blushes.
“Stop that right now! SILENCE!” another round of hammering sounds.
“Normally, I prefer your perfidious plans, but Madame, we have already tried this and much more.
We must now resort to more extreme measures. Zǒnglǐ is right. We are sending our special forces to lock these Bitcoiners away once and for all.
For the record: I, J.M. Keynes, as chairman, hereby close this meeting. Get to it, ladies and gentlemen.”


Art: MX12.Levins
Concept: MX12.Levins and Lando Rothbardian
Story: Lando Rothbardian

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