21 Bitcoin bill Euro (with QR code) “Orangepilling Edition”

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The ingenious orange pilling tool incl. the option of sending sats to your own wallet via the QR code (depending on sponsorship, not guaranteed).

The 21 Bitcoin bill has the original size of a 20 euro bill of 133 x 72 mm.


Anyone who discovers this 21-bitcoin bill and successfully scans the QR code or calls up the link directly begins a promising journey to learn more about the advantages of the best money in the world. The bill makes it possible to securely transfer what could be the first Satoshis, the sub-unit of Bitcoin, to your own wallet on your smartphone. This experience is completely free, non-binding and risk-free for the recipient, but cannot be guaranteed. Our aim is to educate people about Bitcoin and give someone their first Satoshis as a gift, which is ideal for starting a conversation about Bitcoin. At first glance, it looks like a 20 euro bill, feels exactly the same – printed on 80 gram recycled paper – and looks exactly the same in terms of size and appearance. Until the many small details reveal themselves, all of which have to do with Bitcoin and its creator. And there is a lot to say about each of these details as an Orangepiller. Enjoy Orangepilling!


Pack of 100, 1 pack


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21 Bitcoin bill Euro (with QR code) “Orangepilling Edition”
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