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What we do

Specialized retailers for Bitcoin products and gadgets – We only purchase directly from the manufacturer or through licensed distributors. After 90 days at the latest, we automatically delete sensitive customer data that does not need to be retained from our systems.

Specialist in eCommerce – classic eCommerce and consulting regarding Bitcoin payment infrastructure.

Fulfillment services – storage, picking, shipping and returns processing for B2B customers with special needs in terms of flexibility and data protection.

Who are we

That’s simple – Team COPIARO is committed to 3 things: Bitcoin, eCommerce and fulfillment services
Our team combines many years of experience in the areas of IT, eCommerce, purchasing and logistics. Since our foundation at the end of 2019, we have been running a successful eCommerce company focused on Bitcoin products.
There are numerous Bitcoin tools & gadgets in our shop, and the number is increasing every day. However, we want to grow sustainably, which is why we are only expanding our portfolio gradually and at an appropriate pace. It is very important to us to list only high quality products. We therefore strive for a good, long-term partnerships with our suppliers.
Since June 2021 we have been making our infrastructure and fulfillment know-how available to other companies and startups (B2B):
  • You have a strong online presence, and would like to leave the execution of your customer orders in discreet hands?
  • Is introducing new tools out of the question for you, or do you need a high degree of flexibility with regard to your existing processes?
  • The protection of customer data has a particularly high priority for you?

Then you have come to the right place: COPIARO. Feel free to contact us at

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is MUCH more than just a digital payment system. The economic and social potential is enormous. The unchangeable, deflationary monetary policy of the open source protocol limits the maximum number of Bitcoin ever existing to 21 million. This makes Bitcoin the first and only really rare (digital) good in human history.
And as an eCommerce company in particular, we see great advantages in accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment. With free open source tools such as BTCPay Server , we are able to operate our own payment infrastructure and process transactions securely and inexpensively in real time without the support of third parties.
As convinced Bitcoiners, the adoption of Bitcoin through a growing number of acceptance points is particularly important to us . We refer to ourselves principally as “Bitcoin maximalists” . Nevertheless, we believe that there may be other interesting use cases besides King Bitcoin and Lightning – at least as long as they don’t claim to be “sound money”. For this we have Bitcoin.

Even if such projects are usually not really de-centralized, there is always room in free markets for alternatives that stimulate business. If we weren’t convinced of this, we would never have founded COPIARO.
Whether you are also an online merchant or brick&mortar retailer, we will gladly consult and support you on how you can integrate Bitcoin into your shop. Just contact us:
For interested Future-coiners, we recommend The Little Bitcoin Book or the Bitcoin One Pager
Further information for beginners and advanced users can be found in theAprycot Media Thek (German only)
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