Who are we?

It’s simple – Team Copiaro has committed itself to 2 things:Bitcoin and eCommerce
Our team combines many years of experience in the areas of IT, eCommerce, purchasing and logistics.
Since our foundation in early 2020, we have been running a successful eCommerce company with a focus on Bitcoin products – and sometimes maybe even other crypto currencies.
You will therefore find numerous corresponding products in our shop, and the number is increasing every day. However, we want to grow sustainably, so we are only expanding our portfolio gradually and at a moderate pace. We also attach great importance to high quality products. We therefore strive for a good, long-term partnership with our suppliers.
As ardent fans of Bitcoin, we support the mission that a steadily growing number of merchants which accept Bitcoin will eventually lead to mass adoption.  We refer to ourselves principally as “Bitcoin maximalists” . Nevertheless, we believe that in addition to King Bitcoin and Lightning, there is definitely room for a handful of Altcoins with interesting use cases – at least as long as they don’t try to be “hard money”. After all, that’s Bitcoin’s turf. Period.

Even if such projects are usually not really decentralized, there is always room for small niche providers who stimulate competition. If we weren’t convinced of this, we would never have founded Copiaro.
Of course, Bitcoin is MUCH more than just a digital means of payment. Nevertheless, as online retailers, we see great advantages in accepting Bitcoin. With relatively simple means like BTCPay server it is possible for us to operate our own payment infrastructure and process transactions without the having to rely on third parties.
Whether you are also an online merchant or brick&mortar retailer, we will be happy to advise you free of charge on how you can integrate Bitcoin into your shop. Just contact us: btc@copiaro.de
For interested Bitcoin newbies, we recommend the Bitcoin One pager
Further information for beginners and advanced users can be found in theAprycot Media Thek (German only)
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